Instructions for the safe use of permanent magnet materials

Date:2020-08-20 Views:485

A. After magnetization, the magnet is very strong. Do not place the magnetized magnet where children can reach it. During transportation and use, you should avoid pinching your hands or other parts of the body. It is more appropriate for larger magnets Pay attention to personal safety and protection.

B. Sintered NdFeB magnets have poor corrosion resistance and should be stored in a ventilated and dry room. Do not store in acidic, alkaline, high-temperature and humid environments.

C. After heating, the magnetic properties of this product will be greatly reduced, so avoid heating this product during transportation and storage.

D. In the process of installing this product into other parts, ensure that the workplace is clean, so as to prevent small impurities such as iron filings from being adsorbed on the surface of the magnet and affecting the normal use of the product.

E. This product is very magnetic and has the risk of causing electronic products to fail. Therefore, do not bring this product close to or contact with notebooks, mobile phones, electronic medical equipment or persons who carry medical equipment such as pacemakers.

F. This product is hard and brittle. When used in occasions such as vibration and impact, there is a risk of breakage. When designing and using, protective measures should be taken to prevent broken products from flying out and injuring objects and personnel.

G. This product is a magnetic functional material, it is not edible, and do not swallow this product.