China's rare earth magnet industry is on the rise

Date:2020-08-20 Views:198

A report submitted by the US Department of Defense to Congress recently reflected to a large extent the US military’s heavy reliance on rare earths, and suggested speeding up the development of rare earth supply sources outside of China.

Rare earth is the raw material of high-performance magnets, and high-performance magnets cover a wide range. Most of the high-end and energy-saving and lightweight products in the 21st century cannot do without high-performance rare earth magnets. The U.S.'s dependence on magnets and rare earths in the manufacture of high-end weapons is even more haunting.

Nowadays, under various practical meanings and pressures, my country has implemented a multi-faceted policy to vigorously support domestic magnet manufacturers to cater to the development of international strategies. The reporter came to Dongguan Yinci Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. According to the introduction of internal officials, Yinci’s processing technology for high-precision and micro-magnets in the industry is comparable to Japan. As a local industry in China, it has become A wonderful flower in the magnet industry in China and the world.

The development of high-end industries in the 21st century has become the strategic thinking of all countries in the world, and the demand for rare resources will increase accordingly. While pioneering and innovating, and vigorously developing local industries, China has used stronger means to restrict the export of domestic rare resources and raw materials. We firmly believe that China is not only a large magnet production country, but in the near future China will surely rise to become a real world magnet power!