Knowledge about ferrite magnets

Date:2020-08-20 Views:205

Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnetmaterial that is widely used. It is manufactured by powder metallurgy. It is mainly divided into barium material (Ba) and strontium material (Sr), and is divided into two types: anisotropic and isotropic. It is a kind of permanent magnet material that is not easy to demagnetize and not easy to corrode. The maximum working temperature can reach 250 degrees Celsius. It is hard and brittle. It can be cut and processed by tools such as diamond sand, and it can be formed at one time with a moldthat is just processed by alloy. Such products are widely used in permanent magnet motors (Motor) and speakers (Speaker) and other fields.

Main feature-is manufactured by powder metallurgy

-The chemical combination is-Ba/Sr O6 FeO

-Harder and brittle

-Not easy to demagnetize

-Very good corrosion resistance

-Low price, abundant sources

-Good temperature stability

-The most widely used permanent magnet