The supply and demand situation and problems of iron oxide in China

Date:2020-08-20 Views:202

The total output of the former Mn-Zn ferrite is about 230,000 tons, excluding 58700 tons of foreign-funded enterprises, the actual output of domestic-funded enterprises is about 17,1300 tons, which requires about 120,000 tons of Fe2O3. It is estimated that the current domestic production of Fe2O3 that can be used for Mn-Zn ferrite is about 80,000 tons, and the gap is about 40,000 tons, which must be imported from abroad. The current overseas suppliers mainly include JFE from Japan, EG and DONGBU from South Korea, Thyssen-krupp from Germany and Sinosteel from Taiwan Province of my country. In addition, foreign-funded enterprises need about 42,000 tons, so the Chinese market needs to import more than 80,000 tons of high-purity Fe2O3. This puts a lot of pressure on the Fe2O3 market, showing a situation in which demand exceeds supply.

Although the technology of acid regeneration production lines built or to be built in my country comes from ANDRITZ, and most of them are equipped with Si removal devices, compared with the same kind of Fe2O3 materials abroad, the Fe2O3 produced has an impurity content, especially in physical indicators. The average is inferior. The main reasons are:

1) The acid recycling production lines of steel mills in my country are all attached to the cold rolling production line, and the main product of the cold rolling line is steel. The main focus is on steel, because only the production and quality of steel are the hard indicators for evaluating them . However, it does not pay much attention to its by-products, and is unwilling to invest more financial and manpower on the by-products, or take more technical measures.

2) The managers and technicians on the acid regeneration production line of steel plants in my country still don’t understand the technical requirements and significance of ferrite for Fe2O3. They don’t understand that even the trace impurities of 100ppm or 10ppm will affect the high performance soft The material of the ferrite.

3) The managers and technicians on the acid regeneration heavy production line of steel plants in my country have not yet fully grasped how to control the impurity content of their products Fe2O3 and related physical parameters by adjusting and controlling the process, such as the control of the PH value of the waste liquid, The amount of flocculant added, the control of the settling speed, the control of the temperature of the burning tower, etc.

4) Up to now, there may not be a line equipped with a water washing device, so it is difficult to produce ultra-pure Fe2O3, so Fe2O3 for high-conductivity (μi>10000) materials may still need to rely on imports in the future.

(The above article is reproduced from the report of the 2006 National Magnetic Association Conference by Yao Lihua)