Ferrite Product Collection

Ferrite is a metal Oxide having ferromagnetic properties. In terms of electrical characteristics, Ferrite has a much bigger specific resistance, and higher dielectric properties. The magnetic properties of Ferrite also reflects in its higher permeability at high frequency. 4th century BC, natural Ferrite was discovered by human being, that’s magnet mine(Fe3O4), and China’s great invention compass is made by this natural Ferrite. 1933, Tokyo Institute of Technology firstly innovated permanent magnetic material, Cobalt containing Ferrite and was called OP magnet at that time. The properties of this new kind of Ferrite is much enhanced as compared to the old, so as to make it a widely used material in radio industry. Ferrite is made by the way of sintering iron oxide and other ingredients. Normally, Ferrite is classified as permanent Ferrite, soft Ferrite and gyromagnet Ferrite, 3 kinds totally. Compared to NdFeB or other magnetic materials, Ferrite possess advantages of lower cost, stable properties performance at high temperature and etc.