Collection Of Bonded NdFeB Products

Bonded NdFeB magnet has the highest magnetic properties with free choice of magnetization direction. Ring magnet is capable of achieving radial and multi-polar magnetization, and can be used to produce magnets of complex shapes. Cladded with heat resistant plastics and additives, the magnetic powder has excellent heat-resistant stability. Special resin coating helps enable good corrosion resistance.


- Molded by mixing ferrite or rare-earth magnet powder with thermoplastic materials, and using injection compression method.

- The magnet may be added with shafts or other inserts in the process of production.

- A variety of shapes can be manufactured, such as gear, thin wall ring and many other complicated shapes.

- Good performance in anti-corrosion and anti-breakage.

- Magnets can be magnetized fully or partially tailored to customer requirement.

- - Advanced granulating equipment and technology introduced from Japan and America provide customer with powerful technical and quality support.

- Provide customers with absolute price competitiveness through strict quality control and effective cost reduction in mass production.

- Advanced anisotropic molding equipment has been introduced, capable of producing anisotropic magnets with multi-polar and radial magnetization properties.

- Magnets of many complex shapes are available, including high-precision gear, annular thin wall and other special shapes. Those magnets can be injected with various components.

- can be used to produce injection bonded NdFeB and combined with outer iron rings.

- With leading technology, various anti-corrosion treatments can be provided tailored to customer requirements.

- can be used to produce high-precision one-shot forming die with the dimensions provided by customers.

- Advanced chemical and physical tests ensure quality of the products.

- To protect the rights of customers, product molds are all designated for specific customers.